Salesforce CRM Implementation

Salesforce Implementation

As a Salesforce partner, our agency has over a decade of experience, making us leaders in our region. We use small, flexible, and innovative approaches to deliver solutions that meet your needs.

Our team includes passionate leaders, strategists, managers, developers, animators, and designers who work together seamlessly. We’re a digital-first agency that combines strategy, marketing, and design into our services.

With our deep understanding of Salesforce, we provide tailored CRM solutions that drive efficiency and growth. We plan meticulously and use agile methods to deliver results you can see.

Partnering with us means getting a comprehensive Salesforce implementation that improves efficiency and customer engagement. From start to finish, we’re committed to your success.

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Salesforce Customer 360

Reckon Technologies Ltd., as a trusted Salesforce partner, offers comprehensive implementation services for Salesforce Customer 360. This suite of CRM products is designed to provide businesses with a complete view of their customers and streamline operations.

Let’s take a closer look at the key products within the Salesforce Customer 360 suite:

1. Sales Cloud:

This flagship product helps sales teams manage customer relationships more efficiently, boosting productivity and closing deals faster.

2. Marketing Cloud:

Businesses can automate marketing campaigns and manage leads seamlessly with this marketing automation platform.

3. Service Cloud:

Enhance customer service with features like case management and live chat, using customer data to resolve issues promptly and provide personalized support.

4. Commerce Cloud:

Build and manage online stores effortlessly, offering seamless shopping experiences with catalog management and order processing capabilities.

5. Tableau Analytics:

Gain deeper insights into customer data and make data-driven decisions using this powerful data visualization tool.

6. Mulesoft:

Connect data, devices, and applications across cloud environments with the #1 integration platform, enabling seamless communication between platforms.

7. Salesforce AI:

Empower sales teams with sales intelligence tools to track opportunities and manage contacts effectively.

8. Lightning Platform:

Develop Salesforce mobile apps effortlessly with this component-based framework, optimizing speed and usability.

These products within Salesforce Customer 360 offer a range of benefits and functionalities, providing businesses with a comprehensive solution to manage customer relationships and drive growth.

With Reckon Technologies Ltd. as your Salesforce partner, you can expect seamless implementation and support to meet your business objectives.

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